Palisep Background

PALISEP is a community based organization established in 2003, with a vision to support the pastoral communities in enhancing their livelihood system. Its operation area is Loliondo in Enguserosambu Wards, northern Part of the Ngorongoro District. From 2004, PALISEP has been active in facilitating community based development interventions, including organizing the community to claim the ownership of the Enguserosambu forest from the government in order to strengthen communities to sustainably manage and benefit from the forest, education projects and food security


Unite of marginalize community fighting against poverty.


Provide space for effective community participation in development through capacity building and solidarity.

Core Objectives

Reduce illiteracy rate, increased economic diversity, and women’ empowerment with a goal to: Improve the livelihoods of the Local Communities in Rural areas of Ngorongoro District (Tanzania) by providing skills through Community Education, Women’s empowerment and Rural Enterprise Development.

Community is empowered to formally claim the ownership of Enguserosambu forest by the end of 2012

1)Process of forest ownership is taken through the authorities in different levels and approved by the end of 2012.

2)Community Forest Trust established, empowered and registered to be able to manage the forest on behalf of the community by the end of 2011.

3)Forest management plan developed by the community and approved by all the relevant authorities by the end of 2012

Food security in Enguserosambu is ensured through operationalizing community Grain bank and formation of Ward Producers’ association by the end of 2012.


1) Assessment of food security situation is undertaken to inform the process of improving food security by the end of 2011.
2) Community Grain bank in Enguserosambu is operational by the end of 2012.
3) A producer association is established and formalized by the end of 2012.

women economic empowerment is strengthened through revitalization of women poultry project to benefit 200 women by the end of 2012

1) Assessment of the pilot project is undertaken to inform the improvement and upscale by the mid of 2012.
2) Resources mobilization to support the project is undertaken by the mid 2012.
3) 200 Women are sensitized and organized for the project by mid 2012.

Livestock Services improved in the Enguserosambu Ward by revitalizing cattle dip project, community based veterinary services and mobilization on livestock improvement by the end of 2012.

1) Cattle dip is project is operational and community committee to manage is established and capacity of the same enhanced by the end of 2012.
2) Two community paravets are operational in Enguserosambu and managed by CAWHS under supervision of the government livestock field officer by the end of 2012.

Our Special Thanks

We are humbly fretful to those who sponsored us, We really have a mission and vision but is very obvious that we couldn’t manage to achieve our objectives if we couldn’t supported by donors. We are appreciating support from OXFAM, They become our main sponsor for many projects. We have already narrowed our objectives and the impact is seen now to the community.



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